Thursday, April 2, 2009

Damn you Zingerman's


As if I didn't spend enough on the Michigan retailer's website with its selection of varietal honeys, they go along and come up with this.

Strangely, even as a child, I've been able to resist the siren's call of candy. Give me the choice between a potato chip and a chocolate coated something-or-other, I'll take the former every day and three times on Sunday. This holds true with almost every variety, except one. For years, the Snicker's bar has some sort of svengali-like hold over my taste buds. Every Halloween, I routinely pilfer each and every one that my son receives in his goody bag.

So damn those Michiganders up in Ann Arbor. Zingerman's has begun offering the Zzang bar, a Snicker's bar on crack. Honey nougat made from natural peanut butter, rolled in a lusciously-smooth muscavado sugar caramel and topped with butter-toasted peanuts. All of this decadence is enrobed in bittersweet Equadorian chocolate. Thank goodness, it's exorbitantly expensive ($7.00 for 2.5 oz. and worth every penny) or I'd be buying it by the case.

Available online at Zingerman's or at Whole Foods.


  1. I'm a chocoholic, too. But, as with you, a $7 candy bar will help keep my habit in check.

  2. I need to check the price at Whole Foods because I don't recall paying that, nor would I had I realized. It was very much a cashier display-driven impulse purchase (my son saw it first). I was a little shocked when I checked Zingerman's site to see the price.

  3. Luckily they're $4.95 at Whole Foods (and we just added a bunch of Midwestern Whole Foods accounts today!)and sometimes they're on sale there for $3.95. I usually can't eat a whole bar in one sitting!
    --Pete @ Zingerman's

  4. Thanks Pete, I seem to have recalled that it was cheaper at Whole Foods. And I agree, this is a candy that's best shared or consumed in a few sittings.