Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

So while my son was in Florida with my parents a few weeks ago, he visited a grocery store with my mother who suggested that they buy strawberries. My son's response: "Grandma, we can't buy strawberries, they're not in season!"

In February, when he turned four, we began a tradition that was passed down to me from my parents. Once a week, he has to pick out and help prepare dinner. We've made pizza with whole wheat dough, quesadillas with hand made tortillas, and baked macaroni and cheese. But this week was the best. I had forgotten to buy the ingredients for what we originally picked out - lamb meatballs with yogurt sauce - and all I had in the fridge was really good cheese and eggs. What did we make? Souffle (with its own theme music)!

While he is a picky eater, he does have some odd food proclivities, particularly his love of fried calamari or "fishy o's", a love which was documented quite prominently on the front page of the Sun Times food section on March 12.

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