Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Recycled Craft Projects

As promised, I wanted to share our craft projects from the 2007 Sprouts season. The majority of our crafts were simple projects that transformed ordinary household objects into something fun. At Purple Asparagus, we have accumulated a number of craft supplies, buttons, ribbons, paper flowers, some purchased and some recycled. This craft bin would be a great rainy day pick-me-up for any antsy group of kids.

Berry Box Sailboats
wooden berry boxes
hinged straws
construction paper
"Scotch" tape
crayons and craft supplies

METHODS: Cut construction paper into 5-inch righ-angled triangles. Punch two holes in at each end of the right angle. Thread the construction paper onto the long end of the hinged straw. Tape the short end to the bottom of the berry box. Decorate with crayons and craft supplies.

Egg Shell Herb Planters
egg shells, cleaned
herb seeds
organic potting soil
egg cartons, cut into individual cups

METHODS: Soak seeds as necessary. Add tablespoon of potting soil into the shell. Plant seeds. Decorate as desired. Place into egg carton cups. Place in a sunny place to sprout.

Pasta Necklaces
pasta with large holes, such as rotelle, penne, rigatoni
craft supplies

METHODS: Thread various pasta through yarn and decorate with craft supplies.

Milk Box Birdhouses
milk, buttermilk, cream or half and half cartons
crayons and craft supplies

METHODS: Cut a square out of one side of the milk carton. Cut a hole into the top of the carton and thread twine for hanging. Decorate with crayons and craft supplies. Add birdseed to milk carton and hang.

Toilet Paper Kazoos
cardboard toilet paper rolls
wax paper cut into 4-inch squares
rubber bands or twine
crayons and craft supplies
masking tape

METHODS: Cover one end of a toilet paper roll with a wax paper square and secure with a rubber band or twine. Decorate with crayons and craft supplies. Line the other end with masking tape. Make music.

Picture Frames
cardstock cut into rectangles, half of which should have a smaller rectangle cut out of it
Polaroid instant camera and film
crayons and craft supplies

METHODS: Take a picture of the child making the frame. Decorate the cardstock with the smaller rectangle cut out of it, preferably with recycled buttons and ribbons. Glue the picture into the frame and glue the back of the card onto it to create a card.

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